The True 28
The right gluten free plan to restore wellness, lose weight, and build a healthy relationship with food.

Week 1
We’ll eliminate foods that are sabotaging your health.

Week 2
We’ll rebuild your diet starting with proper gf grains.

Week 3
We’ll reintroduce your body to healthy lean red meats.

Week 4
We’ll incorporate clean dairy back into your diet.

This is a life changing program.

It’s OK to love food! Food is emotional, food is family, food is life. It’s time to rebuild your diet and love food again.

Kiss Dieting Good-Bye!

Here’s what you get

A Dietary Meal Plan

A 28 day program designed by nutritional experts to achieve your goals.

Grocery Shopping List

Save money and time by receiving a weekly grocery list with shopping tips.

Food & Fitness Journal

You are more likely to succeed when you record your day.

Nutrient & Meals Tracker

Tracking is easy! Scan barcodes, search products, recipes, ingredients.

Weight Tracker

Keeping track of your progress will keep you focused and on path!

Progress Charts

View all your great progress on simple charts. See what’s working.

Meal Preparation Tips

Receive tips on how to prepare meals for your upcoming week.

Food In Phases

We’ll reintroduce food in phases. See how specific foods affect you.

3 Meals + Snack!

Every day includes 3 delicious meals and 2 healthy snacks.

Fitness Training

Designed by certified personal trainers. No experience necessary.

Free Mobile App

Full access on the go! Includes grocery lists, barcode scanner, and more.

Barcode Scanner

Scan unknown products. Alerts if allergens like gluten or soy are detected.


get everything! $12 month

The Complete Program
Plus, unlimited email support!

The 5 Day Fat Flush Meal Plan

The True 28 Meal Plan

Grocery Lists

Tons of Yummy Recipes

Daily Journal & Mobile App

Fitness Program

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Is the True 28 a diet?

For the record, this could easily be a 3 page answer,but we’ll get straight to the point. The answer is NO. By definition, a “diet” is a temporary food plan, which is why diets offer temporary results. Our True 28 is not a restriction of your favorite foods. It would be impossible to go the rest of your life eating “diet food.” Therefore, the True 28 teaches you how to enjoy your favorite foods, but using proper ingredients. This method is the only way to long term success. The True 28 will reprogram your relationship with food, so you can have both great food and great health.

How is it different from other programs?

Most industry leading diet programs are (1) based on calories and (2) temporary programs. Let’s start with (1) Calories..they do play a role, BUT there’s a big problem with basing your program solely on calories. For example, what’s healthier, a 100 calorie cookie, or a 120 calorie banana. If you said the higher calorie banana, you’re correct. But why? Well, the banana is real food, while the cookie is made up of synthetic ingredients. These synthetic ingredients can prevent you from losing weight and eliminating fatigue, bloating, and other negative symptoms. (2) Back to temporary diets, there are other clean eating programs out there. BUT, if your “perfectly” clean diet is for 30 days, what happens on day 31? You obviously can’t eat perfectly clean forever. Our True 28 is designed to start clean and build to a realistic lifestyle of clean eating that you can continue forever. There’s no drop off on day 29, you’re rebuilt and ready to go!

What foods will I need to eliminate?

In order to restart your metabolism and rebuild your diet, we need to strip down to a clean foundation. To do this we need to remove all food categories capable of wrecking havoc on your digestive system. We will remove gluten, soy, grains, red meat, dairy, and all synthetic ingredients. This sounds impossible, but trust us, it’s easier than you think. After a week of without these “suspect” foods, we’ll monitor your mood, digestion, symptoms, energy, allergies, etc. We’ll begin reintroducing food categories (with proper ingredients of course) back into your diet, allowing you to make connections to any good or bad responses. You need to know how certain foods affect your daily life.

What foods can I eat?

Don’t worry, there’s a lot of great foods you can eat. Actually, you’ll have 5 meals per day! It’s important that two of your meals be liquid, so you’ll have two refreshing smoothies per day. We provide amazing recipes, loaded with nutrients, and free of synthetic sugars. These smoothies are an important method of getting your necessary nutrients. At the beginning, your other meals may include chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, some nuts, etc. Before you know it, we’ll start reintroducing proper grains, meats, and dairy. Our goal for you is to never reintroduce the harmful synthetic ingredients. After we rebuild your diet, you won’t crave them. You’ll be able to have all your favorite meals with out them. They’re not needed.

Is the program hard?

This depends on how you look at what’s “hard”. Is living with the physical and social effects of a poor diet hard? Is it hard to wake up daily and not feel the way you wish you did? Is it hard to live with daily symptoms and/or diseases? Is it hard to put on clothes and not like the way you look in the mirror? I think all of these are a lot harder than following a nutrition plan. Especially one that’s designed for you. The most important question is…are you really committed to changing your ways. If you are, the program is easy. It’s not hard to go to the grocery store and purchase the products on your grocery guide. It’s not hard to take a few hours out of your week to meal prep. It’s also not hard to cook the easy recipes we provide for you. Fad starvation diets are hard. If you’re ready for a real change, the True 28 is easy.

I’m done with the True 28, now what?

The great thing about the True 28 is nothing changes on day 29. There’s no drop off like other “Whole food” programs were you’re left to reintroduce ingredients on your own. If you need recipes ideas, simply visit our website. We provide tons of easy, clean ingredient, recipes. For those of you who want a little more time following a program designed for you, we’ve got you covered. Our complete program also includes a 10 Week Meal Guide. This meal guide is designed by our nutritional experts and is there for you when ever you need it. It’s not about keeping you restricted from foods, instead it’s about keeping you motivated to craving the new you. It’s about being addicted to the new way you feel and having no desire to every look back. Many people enjoy the True 28 so much that they’ll repeat the program every few months.

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