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Holiday Inspiration

This is gonna sound CrAzY but…my wife and I kinda love the gluten free lifestyle even more during the holidays. If I didn’t have limitations I’d eat everything in sight!! (See above cupcakes) People always say, “I feel so bad for you.. You... read more

Toning Workout

Tips: 1.) Eat every three hours to help increase metabolism. 2.) Do not exceed daily calorie intake for your body. 3.) Rest no more than 30-45 seconds in between exercises or sets. 4.) Lift enough weight to fail at 10-12 repetitions (reps).   Monday-  Chest: 3... read more

5 Steps to Gluten Free

The ultimate goal of course is to have every ingredient you eat be clean and gluten free.  If you have Celiac Disease or any other condition that requires eating gluten free for treatment, it is very important to jump in with both feet and cut all gluten immediately. ... read more

Substituting Gluten Free Flours

Brown Rice Flour This flour comes from unpolished brown rice. It has more food value because it contains bran. Use it in breads, muffins, and cookies. Cornstarch GlutenFreeDaily only recommends the use of corn in moderation.  This is a refined starch that comes from... read more

Sets and Reps Tips

Imagine you are doing an abs workout.  If you do 10 sit-ups in a row, each sit-up equals one rep.  Lets say you rested for 45 seconds and then did 10 more sit-ups.  You now have completed 2 sets of 10 reps each (20 reps total).  This is how you should record your sets... read more

Foods that Cause Stress

Stress is a highly subjective and can differ for each of us. Things that are distressful for some individuals can be pleasurable for others. We also respond to stress differently.  It often begins by having more to do than you can handle. When you are stressed, your... read more

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