Mix Up Your Workout

personal trainers exercising

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Helpful Tips, Tip of the Day

Are you feeling the need to mix up your workout? Keeping the same routine for a few weeks in a row can lead to a decrease in results. Find out 10 ways to change up your workout…

1. Take the stairs, 2 at a time.

2. Decrease your reps and increase your weight.

3. Increase your reps and decrease your weight.

4. Workout with a friend to increase motivation.

5. Add incline to your treadmill run, or run sprints.

6. Try your exercises on a balancing board or ball.

7. Try a spin, kickboxing, or yoga class.

8. Actively stretch for 30 minutes after each workout.

9. Incorporate a medicine ball or stretch bands into your workout.

10. Hire a personal trainer to push you to another level.