15 years ago I was really sick…

And the gluten-free diet saved my life. I now have a passion to help others to go gluten-free and experience amazing results like myself. Some have Celiac disease, or are just gluten intolerant, and many many others just enjoy the weight loss and health benefits that come with eating a gluten-free lifestyle. If you’re someone in need of a clean-eating gluten free diet, I can help you.

Real Member Success Stories

“I’ve been trying to lose weight by dieting and fitness for a while now, and since going gluten-free, I’ve lost 32lbs!!

Heather J.
Vancouver, WA

“Eating right is something that’s important to me and my family. You showed me clean eating, and how to really think about the food I eat. It’s easy to go the convenient route and get whatever, but I really do feel different since following your meal plan.”

Laura F.
Eagle, CO

“For years I have suffered from peripheral neuropathy and gluten itaxia, and within 4-5 days going gluten-free, I could start to feel my hands and fingers so I could actually start writing my name again!”

Walter H.
Apple Valley, CA

“I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease! I have been going nuts trying to understand how to eat for my health! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You have just made my life easier and I can be successful!”

Wendy A.
Lincoln City, OR

“I had to write and share my first experiences with you. I have tried diets that claim you will lose weight but your fat flush has done more than I ever expected. It is not difficult and after my third day I have lost 8 pounds. My cravings are gone, I have more energy and feel great! Glad I found this site.”

Cindy E.
Upland, CA

“I’ve been using Gluten Free Daily for sometime now, and I have to say that I am absolutely happy. My wife and I have been watching what we eat and can say that we feel a noticeable difference daily after following the program. I’ve lost more than 10lbs and have more energy too. Thank you.”

Abe B.
Costa Mesa, CA

“My membership has allowed me to get more comfortable cooking for my family. My two kids are gluten intolerant and its really tough to make food they like. I found the solution!”

Sara D.
Los Angeles, CA

“Love the fitness and meal plans. It’s helped alot.”

Nick A.
Seattle, WA

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