Not Grandma’s Wheat

by | May 31, 2015 | Nutrition, Resource Center

I’m sure it’s crossed your mind.   If humans have eaten wheat for thousands of years, why is it just now bothering us?  Why is Celiac and other gluten related disorders on the rise?  The culprit is most likely the change in how wheat is made today.

Wheat products, not just gluten, are a major contributor to obesity, cancer, diabetes and many other illnesses.  Wheat is the major source of gluten in our diet.   It is found everywhere from sauces to whisky to makeup, gum and envelope adhesive.    Supermarkets today contain hundreds of thousand of wheat and corn based, “food-like” products.   However, this wheat that we consume is not the same wheat your grandmother used to bake her bread with.

Unfortunately, our current wheat (and corn) is a scientifically engineered food product developed in the last 50 years with a goal of increasing it levels of gluten.  This new crop of wheat is both addictive and toxic.   It’s a dwarf-size plant that was created through genetic manipulation and hybridization.  It contains higher amounts of starch, gluten, chromosomes and odd gluten proteins that our bodies just weren’t designed to break down.   Yum…sounds tasty, right?

Wheat and gluten can trigger weight gain.  It contains high levels of the super starch, Amylopectin A.  It may make your pizza dough fluffy but it can also raise your blood sugar more than two tablespoons of regular sugar thus leaving no difference between white flour and whole-wheat flour.

The wheat of today should probably be called something different at this point.  It’s unrecognizable from the wheat of 50 years ago.  Your best bet is to throw out any notion you previously had about whole wheat.  It’s slowing your metabolism, it’s making you fat, and it’s hurting your gut.